Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Program at Preschool

Jack had his Christmas program at preschool on Friday. The kids all came into the room holding onto a ribbon and shaking bells. He saw us and went running over to give me a hug, yelling, "MOMMY!"

They sang a bunch of cute holiday songs. Oh, and he really isn't that short- there are just a few kids in his class who are taller than he is- but the boy standing beside him is one of them and he is extremely tall.

Jack seemed tired and maybe like he was coming down with something. His teacher said that she kept feeling his forehead before the program because he was being so quiet- not normal for him at all.
See his big yawn? That was hardly the only one during the program.
Oh, and notice how he somehow managed to switch places so that he could be by one of his girl friends?
They were very serious, trying to play the sticks correctly.
At the end of the program, they brought the secret presents they had been making in class over to their parents.

His teacher explaining "magic reindeer dust."

Getting a goodbye kiss from Daddy.