Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adam at Dora Live!

Today, I took Adam to see Dora Live! We left early and had enough time to stop and get juice and donuts on our way to the theater. When we walked inside the theater, Adam said "Wow. A castle!" He wanted to walk all over and check out everything. I was a little worried once we took our seats because he was upset and not wanting to sit or stand still. But, as soon as the show started, he was completely mesmerized by it. He stood beside me, leaning on my leg and pretty much didn't move the entire time the show was going on, other than the occasional clapping or waving his star around when Dora told him to. We walked all around again at intermission and he was once again bewitched by the show once it started.

It was nice to have special Adam-Mommy time. I still haven't found our camera. This pic was taken with our little video camera; I'll never complain about the quality of our camera if I ever manage to find it since at least it's much better than the stills from our video camera.