Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Shopping

I took Jack with me today to pick out Halloween costumes. This is his fourth Halloween and it was only his very first costume that I was able to pick out myself. For his second, he insisted on he and Adam being "Hoppys"(bunnies) and had to have a matching giraffe costume with Adam for his third.

I tried to guide him to something cute this year, but he was not having it. He really wants to be a "scary pirate"- this costume we found that is a pirate/skeleton. I figure that there are many Halloweens to come where the boys will be something scary and/or gross. So, we compromised on a "mighty knight" costume.

He wanted the little boys to be dragons so that he could "en garde" the dragons. But, I was a little afraid of what that would mean for their safety, so they are going to be cute furry monsters.